NJ.com has launched a new regular feature, “Where to eat now in N.J.,” highlighting the most exciting restaurants of the moment – Tapastre was chosen for February…we say Tapastre is “where to eat” all the time!   


Somerville is one of the most culinarily diverse towns in Central Jersey. So it makes perfect sense that Tapastre would call it home. This bar and restaurant subscribes to the spirit of tapas dining — a menu that inspires a table of family members or friends to share their food with one another, thus inspiring lively conversation over a perfectly poured libation. The spirit of tapas is laughter, camaraderie and community brought about by food and drink. This is what happens at Tapastre. If you’re into small plates, the Long Island duck crepes ($8), drunken clams on fire ($10) or maple-glazed slab bacon ($9) may tickle your epicurean fancy. Tapastre’s sandwiches such as the Hot Elvis (peanut butter, bacon, banana, sriracha sauce on grilled brioche, $8) or its kicked-up plays on cheesesteak ($12) and grilled cheese ($9) are strong options to complement their wide array of craft beer. 1 West High Street, Somerville, 908-526-0505.

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